The Horrendous  Murder of Mona Heydari

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In ancient Iran, the status of women was very important due to the observance of rights such as the right to custody of children, the right to use maternity leave, and the right to request divorce. Due to the equality with men, the women in ancient Iran, provided they demonstrated their competence, attained the position of admiral, commander and king. 

Unfortunately, since1400 years ago, during the Sassanid Empire, when Iran was invaded by Muslims, with the establishment of Islamic caliphates, brutal oppression was inflicted on people, especially women.

Although these inhumane acts stemming from Islamist extremism against women have diminished over time, women are still discriminated against and oppressed by fanatical tribes and clans, and their human dignity is violated.  We will mention some atrocities committed against women due to the traditions passed on through Islam in some peoples and regions of Iran, and then we will deal with the grisly case of Mona Heydari.

  1. Women do not have the same rights as men, so much so that in some cases women are unfortunately called the “weak”.
  2. Woman is owned by man.
  3. The right to visit relatives and even parents is not allowed without the permission of the spouse.
  4. Women do not automatically have the right to divorce and custody of their children.
  5. Women exist only to satisfy their spouse’s sexual desires, produce offspring, and do the household chores.
  6. Any defiance on the part of the woman is suppressed in the most severe way according to Islamic law.
  7. The age of consent of the girl for marriage is not important to consider.
  8. If there is any suspicion about extra marital sex and it is subsequently proven, the men in the family try to kill their spouse, sister, daughter in order to maintain their “honor” and “masculinity”.

But the issue of Mona’s beheading is an extremely heart wrenching incident. At the age of twelve, she is forced to marry her cousin against her will.  Even though they have a child, there are many conflicts, and each time, only with the mediation of the family elders, peace is established in their home.

Mona, who is looking for someone to love, at the age if seventeen remotely meets a Syrian felon, who takes Mona to Tehran through a girl trafficking gang and to Turkey using a fake passport, and marries Mona since he has already made arrangements. Then he sends photos and videos of the wedding to Mona’s husband, making him so furious that Mona’s father and uncle travel to Turkey with the necessary documents to arrest the Syrian criminal.

In such circumstances, Mona after admitting to her mistake to her father and uncle, and on the face of their promise of her safety, accompanies them back to the city of Ahvaz not knowing that in the anti-feminist Islamic government and tribal customs there is no guarantee of survival. Considering these, on February 26, his father and uncle, who felt that Mona’s life was in danger, tried to take her to the police station to save her life. But Mona’s husband and his brother, who are informed of the plan, take the opportunity and stop the car carrying Mona in the middle of the road, take Mona and immediately cut her head off with a knife, and to protect their honor show the head in the street to the people in the most savage way. 

Unfortunately, such barbaric acts are committed in many fanatical and backward underdeveloped countries of the world, which causes thousands of victims every year.

As the Social Democratic and Laic Republicans Party of Iran, we advocate no discrimination, especially discrimination against women’s rights, defend equal rights for men and women, and do not consider such prejudiced and inhumane traditions and behavior worthy of human dignity. We condemn this action and try to prevent such crimes in future Iran by the execution of modern laws and human rights.

The Social Democratic and Laic Republicans of Iran


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