Isfahan Uprising People of Isfahan demanding the end of the Islamic regime.

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Iranian and world habitat activists have been warning the IRI about the climate crisis and environmental issues for decades. They have repeatedly written and stated that with water and air pollution, and droughts caused by the incompetence and mismanagement of public administration, the lives of Iranians, animals, forests, plants, seas, rivers and meadows are in danger.

The Islamic Republic administration, most of whom have little to no relevant education and engaged in graft, instead of seeking consultation with or even listening to the habitat activists, have constantly conspired to kill some of them, have imprisoned some, and have fired others or have made them flee the country.

Every day in every corner of the country, we’re witnessing the results of the regime’s misguided policies. One day we hear of the lakes of Hamoon, Urmia, Gavkhoni and Anzali Lagoon going dry, the other day we see the cry of the thirsty people of Khuzestan that are experiencing extreme shortage of water, and the next day we are informed of the death of millions of fish.

All these done against life and habitat will destroy the future of the people of Iran and consequently the world.

The farmers’ livelihood in the province and city of Isfahan and the ecosystem of the region are at risk of implosion

On Friday, November 19 (Aban 28th, 1400), the people of Isfahan entered the arena like in 1977, and ignited an epic again.

Thousands of farmers gathered in the dried bed of the Zayandehrud River in Isfahan, sounding the alarm and protesting, when the people of Isfahan joined them and offered their solidarity saying: “We share the pain!”  Isfahan is a city of rich history, culture, heavy industry, and tourism, having gained the tile of “half the universe”, denoting its cultural and historical significance. Subsequently, the cries of the people of Isfahan were relayed by the major news agencies to the world.

This way the people of Isfahan were able to rattle the rotten pillars of the establishment.

The farmers and the Iranian people in general are desperate and thirsty, thirsty both for water and for freedom. Isfahan has risen in unison, mocking Khamenei and his government. Now, it is time for villages, cities and other provinces, to all say “no more” to the regime publicly, and with Isfahan, Khuzestan, Balochistan and Kurdistan… to rise up with a united voice and cohesion and shake the supreme leader and his thugs to their core.

The Social & Laic Democratic Republicans of Iran, send their salutations to the brave people of Iran. we support their fight against the IRI to defend their honor, dignity, and basic and unalienable rights, namely the right to life and human rights, and all their movements in this regard and we call for the release of all political prisoners, including habitat activists.

Since as long as the Islamic Republic is in power, the rivers of Zayandeh- Rud, Karun and Hirmand and others all over Iran will soon be dry and ruined, it would be imperative to uproot the Islamic Republic with our uprisings.

25 November 2021

Social Democratic and Laïc Republican Party of Iran

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  1. اصفهانی‌های مذهبی برای رویارویی با حکومت در روز جمعه ۱۲ آذر فراخوان دادند”: بله مردم «فهیم» و «اندیشمند» اصفهان شعورشان در حد مورچه هم نیست! آنها می خواهند نماز بخوانند. حتما پیشنمازشان هم یک روحانی حرامزاده و عربزداده و عربزده است. اینان نمی دانند که دشمنشان در دل و قلب و روح و روان خودشان است:
    اسلام دین ضد بشر است!
    دین ضد انسان است!
    دین ضد خرد است!
    دین مرگ آفرین است!
    حالا میخواهند از دشمن اهریمنی درونی خودشان استحقاق کنند! مرگ بر این دین ضد بشر مرگ بر شیعه عثناعشر. لعنت بر محمد آل محمد و علی فرزندانش و فاطمه و فرزندانش.
    روزی شما میتوانید حسابتانت را با این حکومت تسویه کنید که جشن قرآنت سوزان و مفاتیح سوزان و عمامه سوزانی بر قرار کنید که بر هر تیر چراغ برق سراسر ایران و خصوصا اصفهان و قم شیراز و یزد این شهر های شرمآور مذهبی یک آخوند و مداح و طلبه با باد برقصند. آری آن روز!

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