Declaration Support Teachers’ Strike Freedom in Education, in essence, is ‘Laicity’

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Educators, are trainers of children and instructors of the advancements in knowledge and technology, politics, art and culture, and in brief the future founders of a country and a nation. The are rightfully the torchbearers of modern and knowledge -based society.
Since the teachers’ inadequate livelihoods provided through their meager salaries would not suffice, they are forced to do some on the side jobs in order to be less vulnerable considering the anti-human regime’s measures. But in return, and inevitably,the country’s educational quality is bound to be adversely affected.
It is no secret to anyone that the IRI is hostile to freedom of thought, expression, and education, and on the other hand it is public knowledge that bankrupt Islamic regime is unable make provisions for education and teachers’ pension funds. But the same corrupt regime sends senior officials’ children to the US, Canada, the UK, etc. squandering the wealth of the nation abroad.
For 40 years, the regime has used the assets of the Iranian people for warmongering and murder in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, etc.
Under such circumstances, independent teachers’ unions and syndicates are strictly prohibited in Iran, and those who attempt to create them are expelled, arrested and tortured, and that’s why union leaders are in prisons.
Now that the educators are extremely wearied, on Thursday, December 2nd,2021 (Azar 11th, 1400), took to the streets in most Iranian cities to cry for justice. The Islamic regime has failed in achieving its goals, and acknowledges its incompetence after a 40-year effort of brainwashing students and purging thousands of teachers. Out of fear and despair, in order to suppress teachers further in the same way as China, North Korea, who place Communist Party members in the educational institutions as secret agents and ultimate decision-makers, the government intends to send a number of seminarians and mullahs with very little to none reservoir of logic and/or knowledge to schools for espionage and security purposes. Li the freedom of education and the independence We, the Social & Laic Democratic Republicans of Iran- National Cohesion of Republicans of Iran, remain committed to the freedom of education and the independence of teachers and professors within the framework of progressive laws and the rights enshrined in the Universal Charter of Human Rights and its appendices.
In our political, social and cultural agenda, the first priority goes to freedom in and promotion of research, and submission of scientific and historical papers and theses. N W We condemn any religious, ideological, racial and ethnic prejudices and dogmatism.
In our view, as a republican and laic party, the place of religion and mullahs is by no means in technical, artistic, scientific institutions, and educational -especially in schools and universities- institutions.
We, as the Social and Laic Democratic Republicans Party of Iran, consider the disregard for the political and trade related demands of teachers’ organizations not only as contempt for the future of a country, but also for the future of humanity.
We believe that not only is the teacher’s place not in prison, but their welfare contributes to the spread of wisdom, culture, technology, and the dignity of the country’s children in Iran and around the world.
Our party, the Social and Laic Democratic Republicans Party of Iran, supports the teachers’ demands and believes that a regime that shows contempt for its citizens and their demands and creates an impasse for them is not only anti-human but also anti- intellectual. We find ourselves at odds with such a regime.
We hope that as soon as possible, teachers, professors, students in all levels, their families, and the whole society will rise up in unison against the injustices of the Islamic Republic and uproot this anti-human and regressive regime.
We, the Social and Laic Democratic Republicans Party of Iran, call for the release of all imprisoned teachers and their return to work.
We, the Social and Laid Democratic Republicans Party of Iran, believe in complete separation of state , especially, the educational institutions, from religion.

The Social and Laic Democratic Republicans Party of Iran
National Cohesion of Republicans of Iran
Azar 14th, 1400 (December 5th, 2021)

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