Dear EU President, Mrs von der Lyen,

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Dear EU President, Mrs von der Lyen,
Dear Mrs Ernst, Head of the EU-Iran Delegation,
February 22, 2022
It is with great pleasure that we have been informed of the European Parliament’s resolution on Iran
(200/2542(RSP))[1], which condemns the high number of executions in the Islamic Republic of Iran.
We also welcome your intention to call for the release of imprisoned dual nationals such as Dr. Djalali,
Dr. Mohaseb, and Dr. Ghaderi, as well as the release of prominent human rights activists Mrs. Nasrin
Sotoudeh and Mrs. Narges Mohammadi.
It is also of utmost importance that you intend to raise issues of human rights violations in any talks
with the Iranian government, which was not established through free elections.
We would like to point out to you that an independent Iranian government elected by the population is
the only guarantee for freedom and political stabilization in the Middle East region and ensures good
bilateral relations with democratic countries in Europe.
Prof. Dr. Siroos Mirzaei, MBA
Chairman of the Human Rights Commission of the Social Democratic and Secular Republican Party of
Iran, Paris

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